Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a production method which offers the advantages of being quick, cost effective and extremely flexible. These are all attributes which we know our clients value, which is why leading names in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors come to us time and time again to take advantage of the state of the art facilities which we offer.

Complimenting those facilities is the Foley Technologies team. Everyone who works for us is an expert in design or engineering, and each member of the team is equally committed to the Foley Technologies ethos of delivering excellence to every client, every time they come to us.

The key to successful vacuum forming lies in the accuracy of the tool being used. The process involves heating a sheet of plastic and then placing it over a tool which has a specific profile. The pliable plastic is then moulded to the shape of the tool using a vacuum and allowed to harden. This then creates a specific part which can be trimmed and used for a wide range of purposes.

Clients come to Foley Technologies because they know that we offer the complete service when it comes to creating highly accurate tooling for vacuum forming.

Whether the client comes with a fairly detailed plan or just an initial concept, our CAD/CAM technicians will work with them to create detailed 3D plans. These designs allow the proposed tool to be examined from every angle, and once the client is happy with the design they can be programmed into our three or five axis CNC machines. These machines will create the vacuum forming tool with as much detail as required, and each and every aspect will be machined to the finest possible tolerance.

If you need vacuum forming tools that can be trusted to deliver perfect results time after time then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

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