Although we specialise in taking clients from first concept through to manufacture, using our state of the art facilities enables us to offer a supply of bespoke low volume production of castings, tools and prototypes in a wide range of materials. These run from ferrous and non-ferrous metals through to items made from foam, wood and resin model board, with the choice of material being based entirely on the brief the client comes to us with.

The good news for clients is that the team of experts at Foley Technologies combines traditional pattern making skills with the ability to work with the most advanced equipment available.

The fact that is, we offer a service that means we’re ready to take a client’s concept through to production no matter what stage it has reached when they come to us. Our CAD/CAM facilities mean that we can produce a highly detailed 3D plan of the requested part prior to production, creating a design that can be examined from every angle and in so much detail that it sometimes removes the need to even create a prototype.

Having finalised a design we can then use our in-house three or five axis CNC machining facilities to create the product or, alternatively, move into production via vacuum forming, casting or tooling. The results are constantly monitored, tested and measured to ensure that we never stray from the specifications and strict tolerances set by the client. Throughout, the client will enjoy a single point of contact and transparent communication, ensuring that the supply of items is delivered to the right specifications, on time and within the budget.

If you’re looking for a reliable supply partner with guaranteed standards of excellence, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

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