We work with many different parts of the wider automotive sector and every client values what we deliver for the same basic reasons. We understand the automotive sector in its own right, having spent 15 years designing solutions and delivering components which have to meet extremely strict safety standards and tolerances.

We also have the facilities to work on any aspect of an automotive project, from full scale models to the smallest and most delicate components, and clients feel secure in the knowledge that our in-house service means that every stage of a project – from concept, through design to production – will be handled by the Foley Technologies team.

This is how we guarantee consistency and the same high standards on every automotive project, from the smallest to the largest.

The competitive nature of the automotive sector means that clients often come to Foley Technologies when they have newly developed components, parts or vehicle concepts that need to be prototyped.

In some cases they may come to us with fully developed designs in place, but sometimes the client has only an initial concept to work from.

In both scenarios we are perfectly placed to produce the prototype that they need.

If designs have already been produced, we can go immediately to the production stage of the project, but if only a concept is present we can work in partnership to turn this into a detailed design, using state of the art CAD/CAM facilities operated by our expert technicians, including:

Produce full 3D models & manufacture tooling from 2D drawings & 3D data

Accept customer data in Step, Iges, dgk, dwg, dxf, Catia, Solidworks Unigraphics

Provide design concepts for customer engineering solutions

Our software enables us to achieve efficient machining strategies to reduce lead-times

These designs enable clients to examine the prototype from every angle and in minute detail, making any changes that they think are necessary.

Once the plans have been approved we can produce a prototype, utilising our state of the art three and five laser CNC machining facilities as well as tooling, vacuum forming and casting, all of which can be applied where needed. Creating a fully realised prototype in this manner serves multiple purposes. It establishes proof of concept for the prototype and it enables the client to make any changes needed before entering into full production. It also means that we can work with the client to create a prototype which can be machined and produced in the quickest and most economical manner, minimising waste and keeping costs down when full production begins.

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