Foundry Tooling

Foley Technologies work with clients who are leading names in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and marine. What all of these clients have in common is a commitment to excellence and an adherence to the strictest standards when it comes to the parts and components they manufacture. That’s why they come to us time and time again when they need foundry tooling. Foundry tooling, also known as foundry patterns, are a key part of producing any metal castings.

In simple terms the tooling is a 3D model which is then used to create a detailed mould of the part that needs casting. Clearly, every detail of the foundry tooling has to be delivered with complete precision and working to the kind of tolerances to be expected when a part may be needed to help power a car or maintain the integrity of a marine vehicle.

We create foundry tooling using the fullest possible range of materials, from wood and foam to resin model-board, aluminium and cast iron.

What all of our foundry tooling has in common is that it is produced completely in-house, this means that we start the process by liaising closely with each client to define exactly what their requirements are. This process is then picked up by our experienced CAD/CAM technicians who create highly detailed 3D plan of the foundry tooling in question.

This plan can then be used as the basis of a three or five axis CNC machining process, in order to create an exact version of what the client requires, no matter how complex and detailed this may be. Our own in-house inspection methods ensure that the finished tooling exactly meets the original specification.

The fact that we don’t contract any part of our work out to third parties means that clients only have to deal with a single point of contact, and can relax in the knowledge that the Foley Technologies commitment to excellence will be maintained throughout.

If you need foundry tooling that you know you can trust, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

Pattern Making

Foley manufactures tooling in all varieties of resin model-board, wood, foam, aluminium and cast iron for customer requirements.

We have vast experience in achieving tight tolerances and working with our customers to realize their project goals.

Our scope of supply includes:

Gravity Die, Investment, Vacuum tools

Aluminium/Steel Jigs & Fixtures

Aluminium/Cast Iron Production Foundry Tooling

Resin Compact Prototype Patterns & Models

One off loose patterns, box-less mouldings

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