Composite Tooling

The composite tooling facilities at Foley Technologies have been designed with the demands of our specialist client base in mind. The fact that we deliver solutions to companies working in areas such as aerospace, automotive and marine development means that we’re used to working on projects which are highly complex and have to meet extremely strict tolerances.

The use of composites in industries like these whether it is carbon, FRP/GRP or RIM is only possible if the tooling used is of the highest possible standards. When clients come to Foley Technologies for composite tooling, they do so knowing that we offer a complete, end to end service.

This begins when we get to know the client and liaise with them on the purpose of the composite tooling. They may have a plan already drawn up or a rough sketch of an idea, but either way our expert CAD/CAM technicians will work with state of the art equipment to create highly detailed 3D design. These designs allow the tooling solution to be put forward to be examined in detail from every angle, and only when the client is completely happy will we go ahead and manufacture the tooling in question.

Using materials such as EP board, PU model-board, and aluminium we can create composite tooling capable of withstanding repeated use and guaranteed to produce perfect results each and every time. The fact that every part of the process is managed by Foley Technologies offers two important advantages – the same high standards apply from earliest planning, through design and engineering and on to actual production, and the client knows they have a single point of contact to monitor progress and be reassured that the final tooling will be exactly what they came to us for.

If you need composite tooling delivered by an expert team with a proven track record, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

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