Here at Foley Technologies we deliver a complete solution service, from initial consultation through to design for manufacturing, enabling the design to be achieved, creating finished tooling and supplying the finished machined part. We offer a variety of solutions from creating prototypes through to supplying production parts. To achieve this we utilise our three and five axis CNC machining facilities, creating tooling through to the supply of casting and in every case we work to the highest possible standards.

We also offer short-run production of cast parts. If a client comes to us with a plan, we can use that to advise on the best manufacturing process whether that is sintering, 3D print tooling through to manufacturing hard tooling depending on the customers’ needs and requirements.

We are able to supply cast items in a range of different materials from ferrous, non-ferrous and magnesium alloys. If the client only has an initial concept, on the other hand, we have the experience and expertise to work with them and turn it into something more concrete. We specialise in working with clients in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors, and so we know all about delivering to the tightest specifications and highly specific designs. We can use our experience to advise and consult with clients until reaching a point at which our experienced CAD/CAM technicians can create detailed 3D designs. These designs can then be examined in detail from every angle and put forward for production once the client is completely happy.

The fact that we control every part of each project, means that we never let our standards slip and that extends to inspecting the parts once they’ve been cast.

Our Delcam Power-inspect is equipped with a 2.4m platinum arm. It’s manufactured by FARO, the world’s leading supplier of 3D measuring, imagine and realisation technology, and it means that we can inspect every item we cast and produce detailed in-depth reports.

From initial point of contact to final careful inspection, every piece of casting we do is delivered to the kind of high standards that we know our clients expect.

If you need a component casting and want results you can rely on, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.


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