5 Axis CNC Machining

Here at Foley Technologies we design and engineer bespoke solutions for clients working in highly specialised fields such as aerospace and the automotive and modelmaking industries.

The clients who come to us time and time again do so because they know that we can be relied upon to deliver components and parts which have been engineered to precise specifications and the strictest tolerances.

We can deliver highly complex 3D designs with the best possible finish within our 10,000 square ft. facility that's equipped with industry leading CNC machining capabilities.

Although three axis CNC machining is the ideal solution for simpler shapes, the complexity and detail of some of the requirements our clients come to us with mean that we have to use our state of the art five axis CNC machine.

The dimensions of our CNC machines are 4000 x 1500 x 1500 and 4200 x 2700 x 2000 and are equipped with linear rails to enable work on high specified projects, using model boards, or working with materials like aluminium.

Although our CNC technology is state of the art, any piece of machinery is only ever as good as the people operating it and the process it forms a part of. In both instances Foley Technologies offer the very best. Our design and engineering technicians are experts with years of experience, and every project we handle can be delivered in full from beginning to end.

Because we also create highly detailed 3D CAM/CAD designs for our clients before creating a prototype and moving on to production, they can be certain that the standard we deliver will be maintained throughout, and that includes our rigorous inspection protocols.

Five axis CNC machining is used to create the most complex and demanding designs. As well as moving along the traditional X, Y and Z axes, the cutting tool being used can also rotate around the A and C axes. In simple terms, this means that the material being machined can be attacked from any direction, enabling hugely complex shapes, patterns and designs to be machined to tightly defined tolerances. If you want state of the art CNC machining delivered by experts with old fashioned commitment to quality and values, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

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