3 Axis CNC Machining

Our CNC machining facilities have been created with the highly specific requirements of our diverse client-base in mind. Delivering tooling solutions for some of the leading names in the automotive aerospace and marine sectors means being able to guarantee that you can produce items engineered to the strictest tolerances possible.

Our CNC machining enables us to work with highly complex 3D designs, and the technicians operating that machinery have years of experience and a wealth of expertise to call upon.

The quality of our CNC machining is underpinned by the fact that it represents just one part of a complete in-house service.

When a client comes to us with a requirement, we can work alongside them every step of the way. In some cases, this will start with reverse engineering an existing component, while other clients might come with initial designs and drawings or simply a rough concept.

In every case we can work with them to produce highly detailed CAD/CAM design, offering a fully realised 3D vision of the finished item. We then hand these designs over to expert CNC machinists who are part of the same Foley Technologies team.

Once the plan has been approved we offer a range of techniques to turn it into a working reality. Whether the client wants a full sized version or a scale model for display and development purposes, we can create it using three or five axis CNC machining, casting, vacuum forming and tooling. Often we combine two or more of these techniques in order to create a finished product which exactly matches up to the original vision.

We work with the widest possible range of substances, including wood and steel, and can create an initial foam model of a sculpture so the client can adjust before committing to a permanent finished product.



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