Motorsport is a field in which fine margins are more important than almost anywhere else. When races can be won or lost in a ten thousandth of a second, then the cars themselves have to be manufactured to the tightest possible specifications. That’s why so many clients in the motorsports industry return to Foley Technologies time and time again. We understand the demands of the sector and work closely with clients to deliver solutions that are a match for those demands.

This could mean anything from supplying to F1, WRC, endurance racing and heritage racing, whether it is the supply of engines, prototypes, powertrain components or body tooling or creating the prototype for a component intended to increase fuel efficiency to modelling the exterior of a car for testing in a wind tunnel.

No matter what the details of an individual project are, it will be handled from beginning to end by our in-house team of expert technicians whose expertise stretches back to the RS Cosworth, V10 F1 and modern WRC engines. That enables us to offer transparent project management and consistent quality through every stage, from initial concept, through design and planning and on to production.

Some clients come to us with initial ideas already drawn up, and we can use these to create detailed CAD/CAM 3D plans which can be used to finalise the design and programme our state of the art CNC machines. The three and five axis machine heads make it possible to create complex designs to strict specifications, and the quality of the finish meets the standards imposed by the demands of motorsports.

In some cases clients might come with an initial component which they wish to have replicated, and we can reverse engineer to create designs and a finished product. As well as CNC machining we offer the supply of casting, carbon fibre, vacuum forming and tooling, and we work with a range of materials in order to meet the requirements of every client.

If you work in the motorsport sector and need to liaise with a design and engineering partner you can trust to deliver every time, then get in touch with Foley Technologies today.

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