The marine environment is one which offers a hugely specific set of challenges to anyone working within it. The first and most difficult of these is the corrosive nature of sea water. In many cases, this problem is compounded by the harsh environment of marine settings, with temperature fluctuations and bad weather placing extra demands on any equipment, vehicles or fittings which need to be used.

Clients come to Foley Technologies for their marine requirements because they know that we understand these issues thanks to years of experience, and that the flexibility of our facilities means that we can work with the materials and techniques needed to cope with them. As well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we work with model boards, resins, foam, cast iron and wood, creating the products our marine clients need, whether that means a finished component, a model for testing or a prototype to establish proof of concept.

The key to the success of Foley Technologies is that we offer a one-stop, end to end service. From initial concept through to finished product, our marine clients know that they’ll be working with members of the same highly experienced team, dealing with a single point of contact and utilising our state of the art facilities.

Our CAD/CAM experts can create detailed 3D plans of whatever a client needs – either created from scratch or reverse engineered – and then our three or five axis CNC machines can create highly detailed parts produced to the strictest tolerances.

Once a design and prototype have been approved, we can handle production through to supply of the finished product which will be more than ready to cope with everything a marine environment can throw at it.

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